You drive around in an Air-Conditioned car

You go on holiday and sleep in an Air-Conditioned room

You may work in an Air-Conditioned Office

So why shouldn’t your own home offer the same level of comfort all year round?

  • DID YOU KNOW? – Air Con systems HEAT and COOL? - Our air conditioning systems can provide cool, clean air in the Summer months, but they can also be used to warm your home, as a more energy efficient, greener alternative to traditional heating methods, during the winter months.
  • DID YOU KNOW? – An Air Conditioning system is ASTHMA & ALLERGY friendly. Allergens such as: harmful mould & bacteria, dust mites and mould spores thrive in warm, moist environments. By turning on your air con and keeping it on, you'll reduce the amount of these irritants in the air. Your system will also pull moisture from the air, keeping the allergens' moist breeding grounds at bay. Plus your Air Con system's main defence against asthma triggers lies in the filter. These filters catch particles that can cause asthma problems. All manufacturers offer air con systems with a filtration system, which are effective at removing airborne particles from your home. Some manufacturers systems have higher filter ratings, which indicate greater filtration capabilities (MERV).
  • DID YOU KNOW? – Some Air Conditioning systems filtration systems can even reduce up to 99% of the MARS virus.


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Anything from a Single Split (1 x internal unit and 1 x outdoor unit, to a Multisplit system (2 or more internal units to 1 x outdoor unit).

Air Con systems can be installed in nearly every internal floor/wall/ceiling space; such as in - bedrooms, loft spaces, garages, conservatories, sheds, kennels and even man-caves!



Semi Detached